Hi Jonathan:

Like your Ideas. Sleigh Ride, A Christmas Festival and Trepak.

On this page I will give you everything you need and you are welcome to share this with others.

The pieces I would love to have the Orchestra do with us are:

1. O Come All Ye Faithful--- Orch and Organ (Bushnell will let us use their organ with our organist) Final Piece


     Music is rented and will be here last week of October   (Audio performance below )

2, Christmas Bells Are Ringing.    (Audio Performance Below)


3. Masters in This Hall-   (Audio Performance Below)

Video Performance:

4. Let There Be Peace On Earth  (Audio Performance Below)

 Complete PDF Orchestration of “Let There Be Peace

      I will send this file also to you and your Librarian

5. Hallelujah Chorus

6.  Winter Medley      (Audio Performance Below)


I will send all the orchestrations to your librarian if you give me an address.

As for your concert let me know how many pieces without orchestra you would allow Traveler’s Chorale to do.

At your concert the O Come All Ye Faithful could be the final piece. I will provide an organ sound with a friend who has a powerful synth.