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                            Above Picture:  Bristol Chorale and Bristol Brass & Wind Ensemble
 Embracing Community Through Choral Artistry

The Bristol Choral Society is a 501(C)3 non-profit arts organization of 120 members that have embraced community through choral artistry since 1975. The members of this volunteer community chorale represent many professions and walks of life. The society performs a varied repertoire and is lead by Artistic/Director- Kenneth Ferris                                     ( Mission Statement )     (Bristol Chorale Constitution)


First Rehearsal 

  Fall/Winter Season begins on September 12th.

Time:  6:45pm St. Andrew Church Hall

Auditions are not required

St Andrew Church-Stafford Ave. Directions

Samples:  New music for 2016 Winter Session 

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2008 Winter Concert-Group Picture

Taken at St. Matthew Church (John Benoit Photography)

BC Members & Friends info: Community Music Venues & Information    

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to:  Kathryn Butler

                                   Brenda Krosnicki